The webDEXED port was pretty easy. After some minor modifications in the DEXED codebase I just linked it against the JUCE WebAssembly library (which was created when porting webOBXD). The GUI port was grabbed from my earlier PNaCl implementation. This WAM uses AudioWorklet’s MessagePort that landed in Chrome Canary 64.0.3275.0. If you want to try the demo, please make sure you are running the latest version of canary!


DEXED is a DX7 emulation, originally created by Digital Suburban (github). DEXED has two DX engines under the hood. The WAM port uses the msfa engine, which is also used in webDX7. I’ve not yet compared the performance but the webDEXED DSP WASM binary size (374 kB) is substantially heavier than webDX7’s (26kB).

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