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virtual analog synth (JUCE plugin)
powered by WebAssembly and AudioWorklet

brief summary of features:

3 OSCs saw, pulse/rect, triangle, sine, noise — mod: PW, FM, RM, sync
1 Filter LP 6-24dB, HP/BP 12dB, Notch, SVF LP/HP/BP 24dB — 4x oversampled
2 LFOs sine, tri, saw, square, s/h, noise — dest: filter, oscs, PW, FM, LFO 1/2
3 EGs 2x ADSR (filter,vol) + 1x graphic (filter, oscs, FM, RM, VOL)
4 FX Juno chorus, delay, reverb, bitcrusher
extras random detune, filter drive, vintage noise
more ! please visit TAL NoiseMaker homepage for full feature list

patch credits:

Factory: Patrick Kunz / TAL + Frank Neumann / Particular Sound
Extra banks: AZur Studio, Emerge Audio, Richard Semper

3 thoughts on “TAL-NoiseMaker”

  1. Very nice idea, I could certainly use an online version of NoiseMaker for my audio design lessons.

    I can’t seem to find the sine and triangle oscillators, however. In the VST plugin they appear as an option for Osc 2, but this version gives me the same options (saw, pulse, noise) for both oscillators.

    Are there plans to implement other waveforms? Or is there something wrong on my end? (firefox 57.0.4)

    1. Hi Cenk,

      the bug was in my GUI code, should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out!

      btw, if possible please try the plugs also with a webkit-based browser such as Chrome. I haven’t yet been able to properly optimize for Firefox, and it seems to introduce some latency. Possibly due to Web Worker messaging delays or ScriptProcessor deprecation. Would also like to find out what’s the situation with Edge.

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