Virtual CZ-101 phase distortion synthesizer
  • Synth engine by Oliver Larkin (powered by VirtualCZ)
  • Polymer GUI by Jari Kleimola
  • Alpha version based on WAM API v0-1 using Script Processor Node and ASM.js.
  • This is a WAM port of a closed source commercial plug-in available to buy as a VST/AU/AAX at Plug-in Boutique
  • There are quite a few bugs with this version! Nevertheless please report new issues on github, to help us improve it. On windows it may glitch due to the fixed buffersize of 256 samples.

5 thoughts on “webCZ-101”

    1. Hi Bob! This is exactly the same DSP as VirtualCZ, sold by Plugin Boutique it just has a different user interface. If you load the Casio CZ101 presets in VirtualCZ it should sound identical (although actually there are some bugs with this early version of WebCZ101 which mean some sounds are not loading correctly)

  1. Hi everyone,
    interesting project! (the notes are playing as I type this; is there a way to prevent this?
    Also, I used to have a CZ-1000. If I remember correctly, the waveform options allowed 2 waves per oscillator (but not 2 reso waves).


    1. Hi brian,

      Will look into better keyboard behaviour when i update WebCZ101 soon. The VirtualCZ DSP is a bit more flexible WRT combinations of waves than the original CZs. Regarding this interface, i am not sure, but will check when we update to WASM/Audioworklet.



  2. Very nice. It is a little bit clicky on Windows though.
    Would be useful to the option to change the buffer size in these demos.

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